button box family

The Button Box

A Versatile Cartwall
So Much More!

button broadcaster pro

Professional Radio
on a Budget 


Turns iTunes ® for Windows
into a Radio Station

Cool apps for today’s content creators and internet broadcasters.

Whether you’re a morning jock who needs that “something special” to take your show to the next level, a basement enthusiast who wants to sound like a pro, or an established broadcaster looking for a simple automation solution for LPFM, HD or Web, DJB Radio has a cost effective solution for you with our Button Box family of micro-automation products perfect for touchscreen laptops or Windows-based tablets.

the button box

Most cartwall or sound board programs are just a bunch of tiles.  DJB Radio’s Button Box allows you to categorize, sort, edit and playback your audio in real time.  Build and save playlists for regular features or just hit the buttons and go!  Install on a Windows-based tablet or laptop and fire elements with a touchscreen.  It’s the perfect add-on for any show whether you’re in the studio, VT booth or your dining room table.


button broadcaster pro

Core automation systems can be expensive.  We’ll even admit that even our own Radio Automation software is sometimes too much for small broadcasters who are serving a community or just doing it for the fun of creating great radio.  With that in mind, we expanded the feature set of our wildly popular Button Box into Button Broadcaster Pro.  Automate music, imaging, voice tracks and commercials or jump in and go LIVE!     



Apple said “build us a simple radio automation system” so we did.  Then we won an award for it!  iBroadcaster is Button Broadcaster Pro’s hipster sibling.  Trimmed out with the same awesome features that made BB Pro a hit, iBroadcaster rocks your iTunes® collection like never before!  Build schedules and rotate tunes like a pro, go live-assist, or just hit the “auto” button and let iBroadcaster run your internet or community station worry free 24/7/365.