DJB Radio Logger

The most powerful radio logging software on the planet!

Broadcasters the world over need a reliable logger, period.  The award-winning DJB Radio Logger checks that box without even getting warmed up!  Log, skim or schedule recordings on up to 24 stereo channels then access your recordings through our simple web-based interface.  Monitor your online streams directly from the URL address and monitor the competition while you’re at it.  Turn on the per-channel silence detection and have DJB Radio Logger email you before even the control room knows there’s a problem.  Save money by logging an entire radio group from one computer then use that extra cash to install single channel DJB Radio Loggers at the transmitter sites for back-up.  Download a free trial today and find out why the best broadcasters agree DJB Radio Logger is the only choice for logging!

Long gone are the days of having to replace huge reels on mechanical tape machines, but also gone are the days of the early and often unreliable digital loggers.  DJB Radio Logger sets a new benchmark with more features than any other radio logging software on the market and the peace of mind that you’ll know there’s trouble in an instant.

Key Features

  • Log, Skim or Schedule recordings on up to 24 stereo channels from local audio sources (pro sound cards, USB interfaces, AoIP drivers) or connect directly to streaming URL’s.
  • Send and receive LIO closures from a Broadcast Tools® device or use DJB Radio’s custom Wheatstone™ or Axia™ logic interfaces for skimming, silence alerting. 
  • Monitor feeds for silence or loss of connection and receive immediate trouble emails on a per-channel basis or trigger back-up audio via LIO.
  • Like all DJB Radio products, Logger supports most popular file formats including WAV (PCM), MP2, MP3 and more!
  • Define encoding settings per-channel to save space by recording in low quality on monitoring channels or capture crystal clear WAV files for rebroadcast.
  • Get immediate access to preview or download your recordings via our simple web-based interface and allow per-channel, listen only access to others using user/password security.
  • Combine Logger with our DJB Radio Spider and create your own content recording and distribution system.
  • Set it and forget it!  DJB Radio Logger will faithfully run on any server or workstation so long as the computer is powered up and connected to the internet.

Reliable Logging 
DJB Radio Logger has been rigorously tested in just about any scenario you can imagine and it always comes through with flying colors.

A Dashboard
The main screen for DJB Radio Logger gives you everything you need at a glance.  Custom channel names, encoding settings and destination directory, status indicators, VU meters and more!

Real Time Monitoring
Simply click the “Monitor” button next to the channel you’d like to hear and a Logger will live stream the audio to your local sound device.

Easy to Setup 
Each channel has its own custom name, encoding settings, file length and timed recording options.  Log, Skim or Schedule recordings via local audio sources, AoIP or URL’s.  

The Choice is Yours
Set the codec and bitrate per-channel to adjust file sizes.  Record in 15, 30 or 60 minute segments with automatic overlap so you never lose a second of audio.

Simple Mic Skimming 
Connect a Broadcast Tools® serial device or use our custom Wheatstone™ or Axia™ logic interfaces to catch every word when a mic is cracked in the studio.

The Sounds of Silence 
Configure email alerts per-channel and let DJB Radio Logger warn you about audio loss or URL connection failure then tell you when the signal is restored. 

Output Closures
Connect a warning light or other trigger via a Broadcast Tools® serial device or our custom Wheatstone™ or Axia™ logic interfaces and get immediate alerts if a source goes down. 

It’s Fast, Too
Many of our customers say DJB Radio Logger lets them know there’s trouble before their expensive silence monitoring equipment shows a fault!

Instant File Access 
The DJB Radio Logger Web Portal gives you instant access to download or preview any of your recorded files. 

Safe & Sound
Protect your logger files by setting up per-channel user accounts to give access to specific audio.  Perfect for PD’s doing air checks or sales reps keeping an ear on the competition. 

More to Come
Monitoring of DJB Radio Logger and its companion, DJB Radio Spider, will soon be combined into a web-based interface to give you full remote monitoring and control of both award-winning apps!

DJB Radio Logger is in use by the best broadcasters in North America.  Download a free demo today and you will agree it’s the best radio logging software on the planet!  Powerful, reliable and, as always, budget conscious, DJB Radio Logger is a perfect fit for stations of any size. 

Call sales today at 702-487-3336 Ext.1 to learn more or buy your copy of DJB Radio Logger from our online store now.