Setup & Training Plans

S.W.I.F.T. Web Dial-Up Training and System Set-up

We want you to be successful with your new software. In most DJB Software Bundles we provide experienced trainers and technical help in our S.W.I.F.T. Web Dial-Up Training and System Set-up services.

System Set-Up

With many DJB software bundles complimentary (1) hour of Web Dial-Up & System Setup is included with one of our experienced DJB Techs. This service is provided to review the customer’s computer hardware and Ethernet network so that DJB hardware and network specifications are met before the DJB software is installed.

Web Dial-Up Training

When this service is purchased in a DJB software bundle, Web Dial-up training begins where we first connect with your programming personnel and review your audio content, hardware and desired programming.  Our experience in radio station programming provides our customers with the steps necessary to build your station and to achieve the overall listening sound desired.


 “Service Web-Dial-up . Integrate . Facilitate . Train

Our S.W.I.F.T Training (optional or included with most Bundles) provides a complete service in how all aspects of your operation interface with your DJB Software. It includes providing direction in the building of your audio database(s), the planning of the daily & weekly schedules for music, talk, sports with merged traffic and the training of your programming personnel to generate the schedules for the broadcast format(s).

Should the purchased SWIFT hours get used up, additional time can be purchased for more training.


Web Dialup Training and Installation



Hardware Audit and Setup Assistance

Video Tutorials and Online Manuals

Building Your Audio Database

Production Training

Scheduling/Traffic Training