DJB Radio Automation Software


DJB Radio is innovative, award-winning radio station automation software is created by veteran radio engineers and perfected by the people who use it.

Designed for professional on-air and production studios, but at a cost that even independent stations can afford, our software is an industry game-changer for users of radio automation, audio logging, and content retrieval. Whether AM, FM, Clusters, Wide Area, LPFM, Internet Broadcasting, or Cloud Based operations, we have a product for you!

DJB Radio Software Family (Logger, iBroadcaster, Voice Tracking, DJB ZONE, Spider, and the best radio station automation software )

We don’t mean to brag, but we’ve won a few awards along the way too!

DJB Radio - award winning radio automation software radio world
DJB Radio Spider
DJB Radio - best radio automation software
DJB Logger
DJB Radio - award winning radio automation software
DJB iBroadcaster
DJB Radio - top radio automation software
DJB Radio - Zone Software

DJB Zone

Radio. Automation. Reimagined.

Our premier radio automation software can be custom tailored to meet any need. Designed for live assist, this SQL-based system allows the talent to move and resize all of the Zones on one or two screens to create a “mission control” feel in the studio or at home. Contact us today to discuss wide area and cloud solutions to connect your workforce across town or around the world.

DJB Radio

Our Most Popular Automation Platform

Powerful, feature-packed, cost effective and easy to use, this evolution of our top-selling DJBII radio automation software is perfect for mid-to-small market stations as well as educational and online settings.  Seamlessly combine live assist, automated, satellite fed and web-based streaming content in one log.  All at a price point you won’t believe!

DJB Radio - Radio Spider Software

DJB Radio Spider

Automatically Download Audio Files

The industry standard in automated content retrieval, DJB Radio Spider automatically downloads web or file server-based audio then formats and imports it into your automation system – ANY automation system. Save time and money with this award-winning product.  If you haven’t tried Radio Spider yet – what are you waiting for? 

DJB Radio - Logger Software

DJB Radio Logger

The Most Powerful Logger On The Market

A bulletproof 24/7/365 logger and so much more.  Log, skim and monitor your web-streams on one to 24 channels.  Receive email notifications on silence.  Schedule long-form recordings from local sources or URL’s and access your content remotely with a simple browser page.  Monitor the competition on the same machine and give your sales force secure, individual access to only the files they need.

iBroadcaster for Windows

Running An Online Station Has Never Been Easier

This third addition to the Button Box Family lets you run your streaming channels from a laptop. iBroadcaster connects to your PC-based iTunes™ library so you only have to maintain one database. 24/7 auto-schedule mode or manual cart wall mode for live assist or podcasting.  Build rolling playlists and voice track “live to tape” during automated hours. 


Although the people behind DJB Radio Software Automation Products are pioneers in the field with decades of experience in broadcast automation, we still have lots to learn.  We treat our customers as partners and regularly put their suggestions into practice – feedback from the field is vital to our product development.  Thanks to those relationships, we’re experts at finding the right product and solutions for today’s Radio and Internet Broadcasters.  Click one of the buttons below to learn more about our history or our people.

Radio Automation At Its Finest

With over 30 years of experience under our belt, the team at DJB Radio believes in providing solutions for broadcasters of all shapes and sizes.  Our premier automation offering, DJB Zone, is packed with features for the most demanding of radio environments.  DJB Radio is our workhorse and provides the perfect, cost effective solution for small to mid-sized broadcasters who need to combine local resources with satellite and web-based programming.  Built-in scheduling, log editing, voice tracking and on-screen weather reports come standard.  Plug-ins for remotes and sporting events as well as remote voice tracking complete the system.  Click Below to learn more and discover which DJB Radio Automation product is right for you.

A Radio Logger and So Much More!

Packaged and marketed as the Web-Stream-Logger, this award-winning member of the DJB family is the most feature rich Radio Logging program on the market.  Web: A rich interface that allows you to preview and download recorded files.  Stream: Monitor and record your streamed content via URL or monitor the competition with ease.  Logger: Logging and Skimming of your physical or virtual sources with email alerts on silence.  Available in 1 to 24 channels.
The Industry Standard In Automated Content Retrieval

DJB Radio Spider will save you hours of time-consuming work every week by automatically downloading files and sending them to your automation system – ANY automation system.  Take the guess-work out of searching through FTP sites and emails for your daily or weekly audio content.  Spider automatically retrieves those files, formats them for ingest into your automation system and will email you if there is an error.  At use in more that 500 stations world-wide, DJB Radio Spider is a tool no radio operator should be without!