For DJB Zone, DJB Radio, DJB Studio Systems
Pre-Paid Phone & Web Dialup Support is Available.

Please read details below for Support access.

  1. Please make certain you have made a back-up copy of your DJB Radio Software installer(s) OnAir & Production Suite & Accessory applications.
  2. DJB Radio does not maintain copies of your installed software release after new updates are released.
  3. Please make certain you have your software ID & passwords for reinstallation
  4. Without a current paid Support Plan, DJB Support is offered at a current rate of  $150.00 per hour USD, paid in advance.
  5. Prepayment can be made before or after calling at this secure website link
  6. DJB Support may request more hourly prepay for costs based on the type of issue(s) reported.
  7. Support calls are accepted by DJB Support during weekday office hours at 702-487-3336 ext 2   Mon-Fri 9-5 EST/EDT
  8. After hours or weekend emergency calls are not accepted nor serviced.
  9. Penalty of $250.00 is assessed for emergency calls after hours no exceptions.
  10. DJB Technical uses TeamViewer exclusively for remote access of your workstations.