Packed with the features and tools broadcasters need to develop fine programming, DJB Radio is a single-box or local network automation solution for stations of any size!

DJB Radio is the most cost effective, feature rich system on the market for AM, FM, HD, Single Market Clusters, Educational Settings, LPFM and Professional Internet Stations.  Like previous DJB offerings, DJB Radio boasts automated time and temperature readouts, a built-in scheduler and log editor, unparalleled support for satellite or URL ingest and simple remote voice tracking in a resource-light package. No wonder it’s our top selling Radio Automation software!

DJB Radio is the evolution of our wildly popular DJB-II software which was a smash hit thanks to its ease of use and incredible value.  That tradition lives on in DJB Radio with its intuitive interface and “heads up” display.  DJB Radio is a fan favorite for radio pros and newbie volunteers alike. It’s such a great product we named the company after it!

All-In-One or Local Area - The Choice is Yours!

DJB Radio is one of the most versatile and scalable automation programs on the market.  Our one-box solution is value priced for small market stations while our server-based systems can handle local-area clusters in small to mid-sized markets.  Every install of DJB Radio On Air and Production has the same feature set, so no matter the size of your station, you’ll have all of the tools you need to sound like a pro!

Our Skimpy Technical Requirements Will Save You Money

Value pricing isn’t the only benefit to the DJB Radio Automation platform – it’s light on resources, too.  Any off-the-shelf PC that meets our minimum spec (Intel i5, 8GB RAM, SSD Boot Disk, GB  LAN) can act as an On Air, Production or Server workstation.  The DJB standard of “audio card freedom” means you can use an inexpensive USB audio interface or even on-board sound for flawless reproduction of WAV (PCM), MP3, MP2, FLAC, ACC or iTunes® m4a files.

Bright and Brimming with Features

DJB Radio On Air is a bright and colorful interface that’s both intuitive and easy to use with a mouse or a touchscreen. Loaded with information for your air talent, DJB Radio On Air puts all of the tools right at your fingertips. Drag and drop items in the main play stack and toggle between Hot Key, Local Weather, Audition and Audio Library widgets.  Record callers and edit audio on the fly with our built-in Razor Blade editor.

You’re in Control

DJB Radio Production gives you full control over your audio universe.  Add, delete, move, edit and categorize your tracks then record new cuts or edit existing tracks with the built-in Razor Blade editor.  Set dayparts and create Multi-Cut rotators to handle your ID and Promo traffic.  Edit metadata and add tempo and gender coding for proper music rotation.

The Perfect Voice Track - Every Time!

DJB Radio VoiceTracking is the easiest tracker on the market.  Designed for amateurs and pros alike, DJB Radio VoiceTracking takes the guess work out of laying down your tracks same-day or a week out.  Our promise of “the perfect voice-track, every time” is brought to life with timers and simple visual cues to tell your talent exactly how long to record while our auto-post and duck feature does the rest.  What’s more?  DJB Radio stores your voice tracks in their own database so there’s never an “oops” moment a week or a month later. 

Schedule Everything in One Log

DJB Radio’s built-in Scheduler allows you to put multiple logic and timing commands into one log to take and release satellite inputs, create fixed timing elements, schedule local spot and imaging fill and even add your own music or long-form programs to run seamlessly with your satellite programming. You can even schedule a URL right in the main log! Easily create, duplicate and edit hour clocks in our simple and intuitive Log Shell Editor.

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Real-time Log Edits

DJB Radio Log Editor gives you full control over your station’s sound.  Edit and massage your content all within our Production software.  Attach to today’s log and make last minute edits or audition your commercial content to make sure the right spot gets to air.  DJB Radio interfaces with all major music and traffic scheduling programs and can manage multiple station databases.

Catch a Wav

DJB Radio On Air and Production both come equipped with our Razor Blade audio editor.  Record callers and voiceovers or open existing music, imaging and commercials in your library. Trim, fade, adjust volume, normalize and time stretch or compress then save to the original file – no generation loss here.  Full support for today’s most popular codecs from WAV to MP3 and even iTunes ® m4a files!

Automation for the Birds!

While DJB Radio is designed to meet the demands of just about any radio environment, it truly excels at unattended, worry-free automation of satellite feeds, remote audio and even web-based URL content – all controlled by the main play stack.  Our built-in scheduler, combined with our satellite grid editor and simple relay management tool, gives you full control of a Broadcast Tools® switcher via USB/Serial. 

Your Accountant Will Thank Us

In order to keep DJB Radio affordable for everyone, we only include the most crucial elements in our On Air and Production software suites.  Here are some great add-ons to your DJB Radio Automation System.

DJB Radio’s Internet Voice Tracking (iVT) gives you all of the same great features as our built-in VoiceTracker, but with the added benefit of being able to do your tracks in your PJ’s!  Ideal for “work-at-home” air talent, iVT needs only a broadband internet connection and a PC with a mic. Record – Audition – Upload.  Then let our auto post & duck system do the rest!

DJB Radio - Internet Voice Tracking - add on software.

The DJB Radio Sports-Remote Log module was created for Unattended Control Rooms during major league sporting events or any LIVE event.  Two decades later it is still the easiest way to do local, college or even pro sports remotes.  Intended for use with a JK Audio Remote Mix One™ and a Broadcast Tools Phone Coupler™ you can send even a radio rookie into the field and get professional results back.  Did we mention you don’t need an operator in the studio?

DJB Radio - Sports Log - Remote Log - add on software

DJB Courier – Automatically ingest perfectly formatted audio into DJB Radio. Ideal for importing of News & Weather reports, Barter Ads for Satellite Radio, Mr Master™ Ads or other downloaded audio directly into the DJB Radio database. Combine Courier with the award winning DJB Radio Spider, the industry leader in automated content retrieval, and you’re saving both money and time!

DJB Radio - Courier - automatic file importer

Automatically Retrieve and Ingest Your Audio Content

Add Our Award-Winning DJB Radio Spider to your DJB Radio Automation
System for hands-off import of audio files straight to your Production library.

DJB Radio Interfaces with the Best of the Best

DJB Radio’s GPIO Manager provides driver and logic support for Wheatnet IP by Wheatstone and Axia/Livewire by Telos.  Ask us about Audio Science PCIe audio cards along with the finest rack-mount computers on the market from our partners at ProRacks.

Affordable, scalable, easy to use and so jam-packed with features we can’t even fit them all onto the website, we’re sure you’ll agree DJB Radio is the radio automation system you’ve been looking for!

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